Accepting “the talking stick” a gift from two Maasai warriors from Kenya, a component of building business alliances for further collaboration of education students to conduct teaching practicum placements in Kenya.


Building International Relations

Exploration and assessment of new or potential partnerships
Elements of building relationships amongst different cultures
Cross-cultural negotiation to develop partnerships, and establish collaborative projects
Considerations when exporting or importing your goods or services overseas

Project development and management

Explore and develop a project and seek funding
Analyze objectives of a project to meet partners’ goals or a funding agency’s guidelines

Risk management and mitigation

Consider potential risks in doing business globally, travelling abroad, or hiring new immigrants
Mitigate risks before they occur, using a matrix to identify, avoid or manage risk

Establishing projects with organizations in developing countries

Support working with NGOs (non-governmental organizations)
On-the-ground nuances of communicating and working in these countries

Expertise in Internationalization at Higher Education Institutions

Negotiate and operationalize bi-lateral and consortia agreements
Manage all aspects of incoming and outbound student mobility
Coordinate faculty and staff international assignments