Facilitating an intercultural training session for senior executives from businesses and community organizations in North Bay, ON, Canada, June 2017


Intercultural Training for the Canadian Workplace

Determine needs and develop intercultural training seminars tailored to suit
Learn the “value” of communicating across cultures and acquire tools to do so effectively in the workplace or educational institution


Intercultural Competency Development

What is it? Why do we need it? How do we gain intercultural competencies?
Intercultural Development Inventory® (IDI, LLC) – a measurement tool Karen Strang, an IDI Qualified Administrator has a license to use the IDI® from IDI, LLC to help assess your cultural competence, provide feedback, and assist in creating planned developmental learning strategies to improve your core competencies. A great tool for businesses to measure return on the investment of intercultural training.


Pre-departure Preparation and Re-entry Integration for International Assignments

Are you hesitant about a newly assigned trip abroad, or perhaps it is your first overseas work assignment and you simply don’t know where to begin to plan for it? What are the country cultural nuances? What language will people be speaking? How will you get there and where will you stay? What are the cultural expectations of your hosts? How will you handle returning to your home culture?


Intercultural Training for Indigenous Peoples and Newcomers to Canada

Socio-cultural Competency Training (integration into the Canadian workplace for new immigrants or Indigenous peoples)
Effective Communication for the Canadian Workplace (specifically for internationally educated professionals)
Tailored in-house training


Customer Service

Learn effective strategies to deliver optimal customer service.
We tailor the training for various sectors such as: health care, education, etc. 



Professionalism is all about you! Explore how it relates to clients, affects relations amongst colleagues and how one’s level of professionalism greatly impacts their own reputation as well as the profile of their employer.